Picture link round: 30 questions, 10 links

All of the below sets of three pictures are linked. You get half a point for saying what is depicted in each picture, and half a point for getting the link between the three pictures.

  1. What mythical creature?                                                                  What kind of lettuce?

  2. What magazine?               What film?                             What tube station under the ?

  3. What herb?

  4. What character?

  5. What island?                                                                                What city?
  6.         Which part of Spain           What actor?               Which (now defunct) stadium?
  7.          What music video?                                          What make and model?
  8.         What make of motorcycle?

Answers below (scroll down)













  1. Hydra                                              Jonty Rhodes                                  Cos
    Connection: Greek Islands

  2. What magazine?   Vogue      What film?     Frozen           What station under the ?  Angel
    Connection: Single word Madonna songs

  3. What herb? Oregano                       Iraq                         Tuna
    Connection: Words pronounced differently in the US to the UK

  4. What character? Ziggy Stardust                   Galileo                                      Rosetta Stone
    Connection: Space probes

  5. What island?     Jersey                Mexico                                                       What city?    York
    Connection: US States preceded by New
  6.       Which part of Spain? Aragon   What actor? Jane Seymour      Which stadium? Boleyn Ground
    Connection: Wives of Henry VIII
  7.            What music video?   Paranoid Android    What make and model? Ford Prefect         Susie Dent
    Connection: Characters in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  8.         What make of motorcycle? Enfield       Chris Sutton             Paul Merton
    Connection: London Boroughs

  9. Agatha Christie                              Daniel Day Lewis                         Bill Bailey
    Connection: Male 100m spring gold medal winners at the Olympics

  10. Goose                                      Roger Black                          Gabby Logan
    Connection: Types of berry

If you liked this quiz, you can find my book of link rounds and other unusual quiz rounds here – 1,000 challenging questions all linked with a common theme, or with a hidden message, or otherwise a bit different from your standard quiz round


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