Polymaths: 10 questions

1. Which architect was also a reputed scientist, and was appointed Savilian Professor of Astronomy at Oxford in 1661?
2. Which 12th century German saint is primarily known as the composer of works such as Ordo Virtutum, but also wrote several works of philosophy and theology, and was also famed for her botanical and medicinal knowledge?


Shipwrecks: 10 questions

1. Which ship, driven aground just off the coast of Australia in 1628, then witnessed a mutiny leading to the massacre of around 110 of the crew and passengers? The ship was named after the capital of the Dutch East Indies.
2. Which shipwreck was raised from the Solent in 1981, some 436 years after sinking in a battle with a French invasion fleet?

Japanese history: Showa era 昭和時代の歴史

1. Which Finance minister and former Prime Minister was assassinated in his house in Akasaka in the February 26th incident of 1936?

2.The Occupation Period ended in 1952, but when was Okinawa restored to Japanese sovereignty?

History acrostic: 10 questions

The first letters of the answers to the first 9 questions spell out the name of a famous, though controversial, personality from British and world history.

1. Which country was rocked by the Taiping Rebellion between 1850 and 1864? Lower estimates for the number of casualties from the Rebellion at 20 million.
2. Which future president travelled the world as a mining engineer in the years to 1914, then organized food relief in Belgium after the outbreak of the First World War?