Christmas Quiz 2020

Hello everyone, the usual mix of fiendish and impossible questions below, for a total of 150 points (I guess people might have a bit more free time than normal and so need a good long quiz). I will upload the answers here in the New Year. Good luck! Round 1: Link Round (10 points) A … Continue reading Christmas Quiz 2020


Christmas Quiz 2018: 100 questions

Welcome to the Christmas quiz! Please have a crack over Christmas with your friends, family and anyone else you can rope in (because it's probably quite difficult if you tackle it on your own). I'll upload the answers on this site in the New Year. Happy quizzing!

Hidden Christmas Song Link Round: 11 questions

Adding a letter to each of the answers to the below questions gives the name of an animal (e.g. if the question is “what is the name of the Egyptian sun god”, the answer is Ra, and you could add the letter T to that to make the name of an animal, “rat”).Those letters, in order, form the name of a song likely to be heard at Christmas. 

For some answers, there may be more than 1 way to add 1 letter to make an animal (e.g. the “rat” in the example above could also be “ray”), but only one option will make the festive song.

1. Which band have released songs such as Newborn, Time is Running Out, and Stockholm Syndrome?