Christmas picture link round: 10 questions

What do the following pictures represent (warning: some bad wordplay ahead), and what is the festive connection between them?

  3. What is the festive connection between what the above 10 pictures represent?

Answers below (scroll down)














  1.  A: Pet Shop Boys
  2.   A: Shakin’ Stevens

  3. A: Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir

  4. A: Slade (slayed)

  5. A: Gary Jules

  6. A: Queen
    A: Boney M

  8. A: Band Aid

  9. A: Pink Floyd

  10. A: Girls Aloud

If you liked this quiz, you can find my book of link rounds and other unusual quiz rounds here – 1,000 challenging questions all linked with a common theme, or with a hidden message, or otherwise a bit different from your standard quiz round


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