Drink up: Link Round

The first syllable or syllables of each of the answers below is the same as an alcoholic drink (with some more or less dreadful wordplay thrown in, and with one exception). For example, if the answer was “peristalsis”, the drink would be perry. The drinks are in alphabetical order.

1. Complete the first line of the chorus to the 1999 Lou Bega hit “Mambo No.5; “A little…” (next 6 words)


Coffee break: 10 questions

1. Which song about coffee, written in 1940 by Ben Oakland and Milton Drake but made famous in a 1941 recording by The Inkspots, contains the line "I love coffee, I love tea"
2. Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee, but which Asian country is second largest (2017 figures from the International Coffee Organization)?