Quarantine quiz: Answers

Answers below to the quarantine quiz. Do let me know your scores in the comments if you want to find out how you did compared to others - current leading score is 82.5/100, though that was by quite a large team! Round 1 - General knowledge (12 points) In a sporting sense, how many points … Continue reading Quarantine quiz: Answers


Fill in the blank (scientists): 21 questions

Fill in the blanks with the surnames of scientists, astronomers, mathematicians etc.

I was in a shop looking at a bicycle I was thinking of buying. I had taken up cycling after giving up gymnastics. I was very good on the rings, but useless on the pommel horse and a very poor (1).

I asked if it had a (2) but the assistant replied “Sorry, it’s got (3). Are you buying it for yourself?”.
“Yes, it’s (4)”.

Snooker players: Fill in the blanks (28 questions)

Fill in the blanks in the story below using the surnames of professional snooker players, past and present. There is some pretty poor wordplay in a few cases.

I had just moved to the capital, and had arranged to see my aunt Joy later that day. I moved from (1) because I didn’t like it at all; in fact, it was probably my least favourite place in all of East Yorkshire.  London was so pricey though, and I had trouble making ends meet. My job is unusual, I (2)s to apiarists, but low paid, and I couldn’t even afford to live out past Mile End. You know rents are high (3) is too expensive. In the end I had to go south of the river and ended up living in (4).

Famous paintings: Fill in the blanks (20 questions)

Fill in the blanks in the story below using the titles of famous paintings. Three artists appear twice. There is some pretty poor wordplay in a few cases, and in one case a full stop needs to be inserted into the name of the painting for the narrative to make sense.

I put down the book I was reading. It was by Edgar Allan Poe, who I had always considered one of the finest (1) horror authors of all time. I could never forget the story of “The Raven” even though I read it more than thirty years ago, which I suppose shows (2).

Cricketers: fill in the blanks: 36 questions

Fill in the blanks below with the names of test cricketers (mostly current, but some from previous eras). All 12 current test playing nations are represented.

I stayed in my bed until he could (1) it no longer. I felt woozy since taking a blow to the (2) in the previous day’s game of cricket. Someone had thrown a (3) in my direction, and though I had tried to (4) I wasn’t fast enough, and took a blow to the head.

David Bowie: fill in the blanks: 31 questions

Fill in the numbered gaps in the following passage using the titles of David Bowie songs.

I was on my way to the party, but the train was just crawling from (1). I had moved to Holland to start (2), and my boss had invited me to a party at his big townhouse in the centre of the capital. A young boy asked his parents; (3). We’ll soon be arriving in (4)