Christmas Quiz 2020: Answers

Answers to the 2020 Christmas Quiz below. Feel free to report your scores in the comments if you wish! Round 1: Link Round (10 points) A nice gentle start this year with the below link round  Which artist drew the cartoons which appear in the opening credits of the sitcoms Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime … Continue reading Christmas Quiz 2020: Answers


Christmas Quiz 2020

Hello everyone, the usual mix of fiendish and impossible questions below, for a total of 150 points (I guess people might have a bit more free time than normal and so need a good long quiz). I will upload the answers here in the New Year. Good luck! Round 1: Link Round (10 points) A … Continue reading Christmas Quiz 2020

Football teams and their cities ditloids: 10 questions

Name the city and the two football teams based there from the initials. For example, WHU, A (L) would be West Ham United, Arsenal (London). Where both teams in the question have the name of the city in their team name, the initial for the city has been removed. So, for example, U, W (S) would be United, Wednesday (Sheffield). No country is represented more than once, and all continents except Australia are represented.

1. RP, BJ (BA)
2. R, C (G)