Double acrostic authors anagram: 11 questions

If you take the first two letters of each answer, you will have ten groups of two letters. These ten groups of two can be rearranged to form the names of two famous British authors, one primarily a playwright and the other a novelist. The two letter combinations should not be split up when forming the name of the authors.

1. Which author created the detective Jack Frost, as played by David Jason in the series “A Touch of Frost”?
2. By what three initials is the state broadcaster of Ireland commonly known?


History acrostic: 10 questions

The first letters of the answers to the first 9 questions spell out the name of a famous, though controversial, personality from British and world history.

1. Which country was rocked by the Taiping Rebellion between 1850 and 1864? Lower estimates for the number of casualties from the Rebellion at 20 million.
2. Which future president travelled the world as a mining engineer in the years to 1914, then organized food relief in Belgium after the outbreak of the First World War?

Football acrostic quiz: 10 questions

The first letters of the answers to the first 9 sport questions spell out the name of a famous football player and manager. When the answer is a player, whether the first letter of the surname or first name are to be used in the acrostic is not stated.

1. What football team are known as the eternal rivals of Olympiakos?
2. Who is the only person to have scored a hat-trick in all four divisions of the English football league, the FA Cup, the League Cup and an international match (as of 2018)?