Football teams and their cities ditloids: 10 questions

Name the city and the two football teams based there from the initials. For example, WHU, A (L) would be West Ham United, Arsenal (London). Where both teams in the question have the name of the city in their team name, the initial for the city has been removed. So, for example, U, W (S) would be United, Wednesday (Sheffield). No country is represented more than once, and all continents except Australia are represented.

  1. RP, BJ (BA)
  2. R, C (G)
  3. O, P (A)
  4. AV, WBA (B)
  5. KC, OP (S)
  6. S, D (M)
  7. S, D (P)
  8. RB, C (NY)
  9. R, A (M)
  10. F, G (I)

Answers below (scroll down)














  1. RP, BJ (BA)
    A: River Plate, Boca Juniors, Buenos Aires
  1. R, C (G)
    A: Rangers, Celtic (Glasgow)
  1. O, P (A)
    A: Olympiacos, Panathinaikos (Athens)
  1. AV, WBA (B)
    A: Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion (Birmingham)
  1. KC, OP (S)
    A: Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates (Soweto)

  2. S, D (M)
    A: Spartak, Dinamo (Moscow)
  1. S, D (P)
    A: Sparta, Dukla (Prague)

  2. RB, C (NY)
    A: Red Bulls, Cosmos (New York)
  1. G, C (O)
    A: Gamba, Cerezo (Osaka)

  2. F, G (I)
    A: Fenerbahce, Galatasaray (Istanbul)

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