Country, capital, river and currency: 10 Questions

Name the country, capital, major river flowing through the capital city, and currency, from the initials given. For example, UK, L, T, P would be United Kingdom, London, Thames, Pound. No rivers or currencies are repeated.

  1. P, L, T, E
  2. R, M, M, R
  3. E, C, N, P
  4. US, W, P, D
  5. C, PP, M, R
  6. A, BA, P, P
  7. I, B, T, D
  8. P, W, V, Z
  9. H, B, D, F
  10. C, B, Y, Y

Answers below (scroll down)














  1. P, L, T, E
    A: Portugal, Lisbon, Tagus, Euro 
  1. R, M, M, R
    A: Russia, Moscow, Moskva, Rouble 
  1. E, C, N, P
    A: Egypt, Cairo, Nile, Pound
  1. US, W, P, D
    A: United States, Washington, Potomac, Dollar
  1. C, PP, M, R
    A: Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Mekong, Riel
  1. A, BA, P, P
    A: Argentina, Buenos Aires, Plate, Peso 
  1. I, B, T, D
    A: Iraq, Baghdad, Tigris, Dinar
  1. P, W, V, Z
    A: Poland, Warsaw, Vistula, Zloty
  2. H, B, D, F
    A: Hungary, Budapest, Danube, Forint
  1. C, B, Y, Y
    A: China, Beijing, Yellow, Yuan

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