Picture link round: 10 questions

Who are the following people and what is the link between them?

  1. What is the link between the above nine people?

Answers below (scroll down)











  1. Genghis Khan
  2. George Best
  3. Ian Fleming
  4. Charles De Gaulle
  5. Leonardo Da Vinci
  6. John Lennon
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo
  8. Louis Armstrong
  9. Pope John Paul II
  10. They all have airports named after them (in Ulaan Bataar, Belfast, Jamaica, Paris, Italy, Liverpool, Madeira, New Orleans and Krakow respectively)

If you liked this quiz, you can find my book of link rounds and other unusual quiz rounds here – 1,000 challenging questions all linked with a common theme, or with a hidden message, or otherwise a bit different from your standard quiz round


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